Topic : Happiest day of my life.


We were by a lake
At a predetermined hour
We looked into each others eyes’
Our love climbing a tower
Nothing can set us apart
Love has so much power

I said yes, you were jubilant
I was colored in red
I was so confused
Nothing went into my head
One thing led to another
Kisses were taking the lead

The light in the water moved
Just in rhythm with the intensity of us
This brings me immense happiness
I don’t want to discuss
It was happiest day of my life
Though I need to make a fuss.

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Yearning Nostalgia

This week’s topic for is Hometown.

This is my hurried writing.

Yearning Nostalgia
The smell of rain drops
The gust of wind
Takes me back in time
Those dry leaves
The silence of the trees
Sunrises and sunsets

It’s more than a home
It’s my first experience,my upbringing
Those familiar faces
The concerned Smalltalk
No need of technology
Could talk for hours

Time would be mad at me
Those precious moments
So pretty yet so little
Those days won’t come back
Those moments gone forever
My hometown is not the same anymore. Not the same anymore.

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Below were my goals for Jul-Dec 2019 and how much I achieved those goals.

My goals for Jan-Jun 2020 are below :

Putting it on the net so that I am accountable.

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Paperback version of my book Perpendicular

Hi All,

Are you interested in reading a short story in fiction? Pick my book Perpendicular. It is available in Paperback as well as Kindle format.

The paperback version is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press. Here are the links.

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Enjoy your reading.


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Death – The fate of the soul

Claws –
Unseen and unexpected
Suffocating slowly
I guard my soul
Against the epoch

Hands –
That I cannot See
Hugging my soul warmly
Whispering words

Mind –
Wanders searching
Where are claws and hands
Oh! It was in the mind
It was in the mind
Fate of my soul was with me all along.

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Automatic Pattern

This week’s contest has bad habit as the topic on

I have taken procrastination as the bad habit and written a poem on it below.

Automatic Pattern
I have a dreadful pattern
I postpone on repetition
This dilly-dallying is a tradition
There is no discrimination
I wouldn’t dare to break the custom
Stall and wait is the anthem

Oh! I need to make amends

With a bad habit , it resonates
Guilt inhabits my senses
Though severe are the defenses
Offenses versus expenses
I don’t want to have pretenses.

I want to attain success at any cost

Hopes, I don’t want to exhaust
Slowly , I throw away the wont
I make learning a new want
It means I am tough
I can achieve anything as I am rough.
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Below is a poem on world peace. This was the topic on @delhipoetryslam weekly contest.


A conflict – I can sense
Ritual Purity I suppose
Lot of movement and drive
Oh! What Hostility
Let’s take some action
Pact of Tranquility

Not quite rare
You all breed contempt
There will be an Order –
A silent battle cry
A cause of a different kind
For Serenity

Love and respect
Conquers the whole
Strata and race
Cede to peace
This is a vehement cry
Don’t you know ?

This poem is about peace in all castes and races.

First stanza of the poem is about inter caste and inter racial differences in individuals
Second stanza of the poem is about the communities of races and castes
Third stanza of the poem is about world peace and it can be achieved only by diluting the differences and being in accordance with each other in all castes and races.
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