This is a poem on Routine using personification in free verse.

You are mundane
Now, don’t create a scene
Quotidian , if you please
Company Augustine doesn’t make you a queen

You know , I am indispensable
Vital, crucial utmost
You don’t know my potential
You are adaptable as I am able.

You might be ho-hum
But you are weighty
Without you my love , life can’t be pompous
Time with you is terrific.

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Whispers over a cup of coffee
Happiness without a fee
Uncertainty creeped when we met
A good pair, do we make ?
Later there was no anguish , no dangling doubts
Life changed but love was an assured bliss

Slowly life disintegrated
Voices were heard from.places unknown
Like nursing a baby, you brought me back to life
You didn’t let me brave it alone
Jokes were cracked , hearts mended
Healing with time surely helped

We will grow like the seed
Leaves thriving, fruit bearing
Our love like fructose in fruit
Our lives find meaning
I count my days as lucky
Without you, I wouldn’t love life aptly

There was a transition
From the confused kitten
To the confident cat
Your love made it happen
Life thrived on your love

Things work out for better
From anguish to truth sinking in
From dangling doubts to sure you can win

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Cause/Effect Essay

The essay is part of an assignment for “Getting started with essay writing” by University of California, Irvine. This essay is a Cause/Effect Essay.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world.” That is why you should finish a college degree. A college degree arms you with knowledge that you would not get otherwise. A college degree ensures you have a better future because of various reasons.

First of all, a college degree ensures you have a better exposure to the world. Hence, a better preparation to face the world. Exposure can mean exposure to further career prospects through competitive exams and Olympiads. Exposure to the world means better networking to further career development. Exposure means you display your creative side which is achieved through college events and programmes. Hence , a college degree exposes you to the world for better preparation.

Secondly, a college degree ensures you have better job opportunities. Subjects taught in the college will be asked or used in an interview. The brain is trained with ‘how to deal with work’ in college. Also, there will be placement officer which will help you in clinching jobs. Hence, a college degree furthers a career with job opportunities.

Finally, a college degree ensures personality development, increase in self worth , self confidence. A college makes us share hardships and laughter with friends which makes us blend with different types of people. This makes us people-friendly. The different literary and cultural activities make us boost our self worth, self confidence. The personality is shaped accordingly. The schedules and assignments makes us prepare and plan . Hence , shaping our personality by making us prepared and diligent.

A college degree is essential in one’s life. It ensures job opportunities, exposure to the world and personality development.

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Strangers to friends we became
How, can’t be explained, it’s arcane
Agree to disagree, we held prime
Fights and reconciliation we had a ton

Things have changed
Hands are full, not empty
Friendship we share
Still remains held with care.

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Verse 1:
A confusing puzzle
Smiles we didn’t smuggle
The suffering wasn’t subtle
The road ahead was trouble
Life was in a tousle
There was no charm in a chuckle.

Happiness in slumber
Times are tougher
Lovely hearts suffer
Time isn’t just a number
Looking for solace
A better place
Better place

Verse 2:
Comfort was what would be soothing
Yes, love made life better without distorting
The triumphant fiend was extorting
But my cohort was consoling
Confusions came in plundering
But you were there for me ushering


Verse 3:
The demons took forever
Now on the road to recover
Love helped me recuperate
Feels lovely to rejuvenate
Now it’s my time time to shover
Loads to do and tales to uncover.

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Experiences or Books?

Getting started with essay writing by University of California, Irvine is one course I tried last year. Though I could not complete it, I am trying to finish it in my free time. Here is one of the assignments of this course which is on Coursera.

Compare / Contrast Essay

It has been said , “ Not everything is contained in books.”. Contrast the knowledge gained from experience with the knowledge gained from books.

“ Knowledge gained by experience is far more superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge. “ – Mahatma Gandhi. Books surely make us more informative by engaging us in different topics. But it is not knowledge. That can be gained only by experience. Experience can be more useful at hand than books as it prepares us for life.

Firstly, the major difference between books and experience is how the information from them is useful. Books tend to play out other people’s experiences for us. They give us vast information on how to perform or not perform certain things. But without real experience the information cannot convert into knowledge. Hence, first hand experience is more useful than books which give us information regarding other people’s experiences.

Secondly, the difference is in the way books spur imagination and experience might not directly do it. The characters and plots are very well in front of us in books. The experiences , though, do not spur imagination. They are , well, reality based thinking. But reality is full of visual treats. This can be converted into literature to spur our imagination. Hence, experience can be used to spur imagination indirectly.

Thirdly, another difference is in the false promises created through books and experience might not. The way in which books spur imagination and spread out things which are not expected creating illusions. Also, they create false hopes and promises to the reader. Experience , on the other hand, is a teacher like no other, not creating false promises and illusions. Thus, the experiences are way better as they do not discourage our hopes in promises

To sum up, the experiences gained in a lifetime is not contained in books. It can be imagined through books but can only be felt and experienced through experiences. First hand experience is more useful than books. Experience can be used to spur imagination in others indirectly. Though books do spur imagination but it cannot be experienced. There are no false promises or illusions made by experiences. Books make us develop hopes which are not fulfilled. Thus, experiences win over books as experience gained is knowledge gained which can be useful in life.

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Stable verse to unstable chorus

Based on the assignment of Songwriting course by Berklee on Coursera. The stable verse should be followed by unstable chorus. 

Here I have used different rhyme schemes and rhyme types as described:

  • Perfect rhyme in ‘November and remember’ and ‘close and rose’. 
  • Family rhyme of p and b with pain and brain
  • Consonance rhyme with hills and memories. 
  • The line lengths of line 3 is shorter and line 4 is longer to make it stable. 
  • The line lengths of line 7 is longer and line 8 is shorter to make it unstable. 
  • Also, the poem has been scanned for stressed and unstressed syllables. / shoe stressed syllables and – shows unstressed syllables. 

–/ -/ – –/

Lonely nights in November

-/ -/ – –/

Freaking cold you remember

-/- – /-

Encircled in pain

-/ -/ /- – -/

Holding much more, my brain. 
-/- – – -/ – /-

Flashes of you holding me close

–/ – /- – -/

Eyelashes, that tucked and rose

/- – /- – /- – – /-

Hand in hand, we glided through the hills

–/ /- –/

Memories, just memories.

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